HTC Vive

VR is mad awesome, super fun and really immersive!

I got myself a used HTC Vive from a local website where you can buy and sell used goods, it’s

I really love how it feels, and i’ll document some of my problems and tweaks here!

Problems and solutions:

  • Cables are far too short!

    The included cables were far too short for my setup (which really is an awkward one needless to say!), but i managed to get and extension cable and run it as usual!

  • Where do i put it if i don’t use it?

    The thing with the vive is, don’t leave it laying around with the lenses facing up, or you’ll run into problems like accidently burning your display permanently! Instead you should invest into, or build a proper mount, or store it somewhere safe. I 3D printed myself a wall mount for the HMD (head mounted display) and the controllers.